We hear a lot of talk about toxicity in the gaming industry and strife between developers and fans. We were recently reminded of this with the Phil Fish ordeal that ended with the indie developer quitting the industry, and just about a year and a half ago there was that whole debacle with Mass Effect 3. But sitting among the sad stories we have Aonuma, telling an interviewer that the Zelda fanbase can be so compassionate toward him for the simplest things that it almost makes him want to cry.

“I think one thing that surprises me is how many encouraging messages I get when I just post something simple [on Miiverse]. Like, just at E3, I posted that I was really feeling the jet lag, and people were like, ‘oh, no that’s too bad,’ and gave me lots of pat on the back type messages. It made me realize that Zelda fans are just really, really nice. I didn’t realize they were such great people. When I’m at my job, and working on producing

The Legend of Zelda titles, and Mr. Miyamoto is getting mad at me and stuff, then I get these encouraging messages it’s almost enough to make you cry, so it’s just really great.”

— Eiji Aonuma

That’s pretty damn heart-warming if I do say so myself.

Source: Spike

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