Miyamoto has revealed that he’d like an A Link to the Past remake on the 3DS, but he’s wanted it for quite a bit longer than you’d think. Aonuma revealed in an interview with Spike that since they first made the 3DS, Miyamoto has been bugging him to make A Link to the Past on the 3DS. As a result, Aonuma made A Link Between Worlds instead of a follow up to Zelda NES or Zelda II.

Spike: Why was the choice made to have a follow up to A Link to the Past instead of the original Legend of Zelda or Zelda II?

Mr. Aonuma: I think the main thing is that if you look at the original A Link to the Past graphics, the idea was to build the game using those original graphics, since the original has a lot of detail in them. It’s kind of a fully realized world, so it made it a good candidate for upgrading. If you take a look at the original Legend of Zelda, if we tried to remaster those graphics, they don’t have a lot of color, and there isn’t a lot of detail in it, so it wouldn’t really have looked very good on the 3DS. I think what they were able to do in A Link Between Worlds, where they were able to create that A Link to the Past world with the same feeling, but it also still really looks good today.

Another reason is that since the 3DS came out, Mr. Miyamoto has always been on me about making A Link To The Past for the 3DS. Just kind of constantly in my ear about that. When I would do it was up to me, but it’s kind of been something that has been on my plate.

Spike: How long have you been aware that you had to work on this project then? How long has Mr. Miyamoto been on you about it?

Mr. Aonuma: Ever since the 3DS existed. He’s always saying, “Why haven’t you made it yet? Why haven’t you made it yet?”

It may not be a remake, but it helps fulfill both Miyamoto’s desire for a

Link to the Past remake along with the fans wanting for a new title, and it certainly looks like it’ll be a great addition to the franchise.

Source: Spike

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