tumblr_m8tjld6RIP1qg57wfo1_500If you were hoping for a Majora’s Mask remake now that The Wind Waker HD is out of the way, and  A Link Between Worlds is almost here, you might not want to get your hopes up. Might. Well, its actually for you to decide or interpret. When IGN proposes the question, here’s what Eiji Aonuma says;

“Please write that I laughed. Don’t make it sound like I laughed because I was troubled or inconvenienced or put out. I don’t want them to read anything into it. But if you want to say that I laughed, I think that would be a good answer. It’s really up to them. If they want to interpret my laughter as, ‘yeah, we’re making it’ or ‘no, we’re not,’ I guess that’s really up to them.”

Whether Mr. Aonuma was joking or being sarcastic is entirely up to you. Maybe he teasing us, or perhaps he’s had a Zelda overload these past few months, especially with the Zelda Wii U title in the works. If anything, he might be responding to the pressure from those of us who are aching for this be remade. The list goes on! Let us know what you think Aonuma means with this laugh of his in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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