The Zelda series’ producer, Eiji Aonuma, has gone on the franchise’s official Facebook page to tell us fans a bit more about Twilight Princess HD. What he said is old news, but he did give us some gorgeous screenshots of the upcoming HD release. We get to see Link fighting, standing around, two views of the GamePad screen, and a shot of the Wolf Link amiibo.

“I’ve got some news about the new features in the HD remake of Twilight Princess. I’d also like to give you a good look at the Wolf Link amiibo.

This is the Cave of Shadows, a 40-level dungeon that you can unlock with the Wolf Link amiibo. The enemy won’t drop hearts, and you can’t hold a shield as a wolf, so… It’s a bit different from when you’re a human.

You can now switch your items using the screen on the GamePad. You can also display a map that shows where you are, and where collectibles are located.

Link will take twice as much damage if you tap the Ganondorf amiibo to the GamePad. Even in the form of an amiibo, Ganondorf is still causing Link trouble…” — Aonuma

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Source: The Legend of Zelda

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