MasterCycleWe have already talked about the new Master Cycle that is going to be included in DLC Pack 1 for Mario Kart 8. Looking surprisingly like Epona, it is the perfect steel steed for our favourite hero. But there is even more interesting news on Miiverse straight from Eiji Aonuma himself. Click through to find out what the buzz is about.

In a short Miiverse post, Aonuma points out some of the design features of the new ride. Specifically that it is modelled on Epona, it is oversized to provide that extra intimidation factor, and its forward leaning design allows you to negotiate sharp turns that other vehicles cannot handle.
But, the really exciting news is that Aonuma himself is so taken with the look and performance of the Master Cycle that he wants it to appear in games that he is working on. Does this mean it could appear in Zelda Wii U? The clip we have of Zelda Wii U shows a certain level of technology that would be compatible with the Master Cycle. Or would it be held back for a future game that is still in the earliest of planning stages? Check out the Miiverse post here.

Let us know your thoughts on the Master Cycle, and the rest of the upcoming DLC, in the comments!

Source: Miiverse (via Nintendo News)

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