If I’m only allowed to be thankful of Majora’s Mask 3D‘s release for one reason, it would be for the numerous interviews Eiji Aonuma has been giving to promote the game. In several of these interviews, the Zelda producer has shed light on everything from fan theories to design decisions. In a recent interview with Game Informer, Aonuma answered a series of questions about Majora’s Mask, speaking on the mysterious nature of the Fierce Deity Mask and so much more.

The interviewer begins this question segment with a few silly inquiries:

Does the Lon Lon Ranch milk of Ocarina of Time taste different from Romani Ranch milk of Majora’s Mask?

Aonuma: I wonder if they would be different. Well, since these two worlds are different, I would have to expect that the flavor of the milk in each world would also be a little bit different.

What would happen if you ate a Deku nut?

Aonuma: This is a sort of thing that is capable of emitting a really big flash when it hits the ground. So this probably not something anyone should try to eat. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Aonuma then elaborates on the physical effects of transformation masks, such as Deku or Goron masks:

Why does it hurt so much for Link to wear the transformation masks?

Aonuma: We’re talking about masks that were created to contain the memories of people who have died. Often there are things they really wanted to do before they left this world, so becoming them is actually really painful because it’s like hosting a really powerful spirit that’s coming into you.”

With the idea of taking on a powerful spirit’s memories in mind, the interviewer asks about the spirit within the Fierce Deity Mask:

Whose soul is inside the Fierce Deity Mask?

Aonuma: The best I can give you is just a suggestion. The best way to think about it is that the memories of all the people of Termina are inside of the Fierce Deity Mask.”

That is such a fascinating explanation. With the memories of all of Termina, all those affected and hurt by Majora over the course of the game, within that mask, it’s no wonder Link can do some amazing things while wearing it. Using the mask to defeat Majora at the end of the game will now feel even more powerful and satisfying, as the player is actually channeling an entire land’s collective retribution.

How do you feel about this explanation? Are there some burning questions you’d love to ask Eiji Aonuma? Share your thoughts with us!

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