Game & Watch Gallery For The Virtual ConsoleToday is the day North America finally gets Netlfix for the 3DS. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get our weekly goodies for the Nintendo eShop and WiiWare! This week we’re getting plenty of games for the DSiWare, though none of them look particularly interesting to me.

I will probably have to sign up for Netflix now if I want to use it for my 3DS. I’ve never really been the movie type, since most of my spare time goes to video games. I tend to bring my 3DS to class, and it’d be nice to be able to sit and watch videos when I’m bored in between lectures.

Speaking of playing video games, I finally downloaded Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and beat it. I found a few comments on how people really enjoyed the game, and I can say I had a lot of fun with it too. So, now I can suggest you to try Shantae and actually have the personal experience to back it up.

Virtual Console

Baseball – Mario comes around again for a round of baseball. It’s not the same as the Mario baseball games coming out for the Wii though! As the pitching team, deliver a series of fastballs while adjusting curve and speed, but be careful not to wear out your pitcher. If the batter connects, your outfield or infield will back you up. As the batting team, shift your batter on the home plate and time each swing at the incoming ball. Try to safely reach the next base, or swing for a home run. Luigi comes in to play as well, for those of you who prefer the younger brother of the two.

Game & Watch Gallery – This takes the original four Game & Watch handheld games and updates them for you to play on the Nintendo 3DS. The classic versions take you back to the 1980s and – simpler time in video games. The modern versions feature your favorite characters and bring you into the present with improved play control and sound effects.

This release includes four titles: Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic.


AfterZoom – Turn your 3DS into a microscope to find tiny creatures, capture them and force them to battle. With elements of real-life chemistry and biology on board, this could even end up being educational and informative.

Just Sing! 80s Collection -The ‘80s are back and you’re a star. Grab your Nintendo DSi and have some karaoke fun. Expect all the cult hits of the era, including “Like a Virgin,” “Take On Me,” “Never Gonna Give You Up” and “The Heat Is On.” Style your avatar with a classic ‘80s look and take the stage. Can you keep to the beat and hit all the notes? Perform the biggest party hits of the ‘80s and experience a musical blast from the past.

Extreme Hangman 2 – A follow-up to the hugely successful Extreme Hangman, this features more puzzles, more categories and more animations. It’s up to you to guess the right letter to spare the man’s life.

Puzzle Fever – A mediocre puzzler at best, this is essentially a trimmed down version of Korner’s own Ubongo. I’m not really into puzzle games on my 3DS.


3D Pixel Racing – Challenge up to four friends in crazy race modes. Enjoy fast arcade action and unlock new tracks and cars. Turn on your headlights and experience the thrill of a night race. Select your favorite car and get ready to burst ahead in the first 3D pixel championship of the world. Game modes include Single Race, Championship, Capture the Flag, Hot Pursuit and Time Trial. Variable weather conditions (sun, fog, rain, snow) are also included.

This week we get all that, and then more with the Netflix update. Quite a few new games, but it’s up to you whether you download them or not!


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