… and this one isn’t based on Ocarina of Time, but instead on the original Legend of Zelda. It is, however, gold-skinned like most of the other limited edition Zelda offerings in the past. The results aren’t my favorite – of course, how could they be after the last mockup? – but the minimalistic “classic” approach is still attractive. Just scale down that sprite of Link to about half-size and I think I’d like it a lot better.

Okay, my tedious nitpicking aside, fan works like this one still make me really curious whether Nintendo’s cooking up a 3DS Limited Edition design of their own. Knowing their history there’s no way they’d pass up on the 25th anniversary year, particularly when a remake of the most successful game in the series is set for release, but they’re certainly holding out on us so far.

Source: Varia Suit, via GoNintendo

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