Sure, this actually comes from a quote we literally just reported on confirming a live orchestral soundtrack for Skyward Sword, but it’s a completely different point that deserves some attention. Look at what Iwata says about the reasoning behind the lack of orchestrated music in the Skyward Sword demo: We were going to have attendees of last year’s E3 try out the new game’s operability, so he said orchestral music wasn’t necessary right away.” All right, so this doesn’t sound groundbreaking – we’ve been talking about how the E3 demo was more than likely a field test for the Motion Plus gameplay since last year – but hear me out.

If Iwata sees fit to note that Skyward Sword‘s demo was just an operability trial, or in other words, that it was designed to test out the game’s functionality with a fresh, real audience, then surely the content they’ll be delivering at this E3 will be very different – probably real content from a near-final version of the game. This means that whatever we’ve seen so far may be about to change… Will we finally get to see some of the other changes to the formula they’ve been going on about? Moreover, it sounds like we’ll get to hear the first orchestrated tracks for the game at E3. Makes me all the more stoked that I’ll be playing it… in less than a week’s time.

Source: Iwata Asks: Ocarina of Time 3D

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