ZDMarathonPosterFeaturedW1-690x388 Hey guys, big news! Every summer, over at our Twitch channel the Zelda Dungeon team gets together for their annual marathon; that’s 5 straight days of playing through every single Zelda game to raise money for charity. This year is no exception, and we’re planning a marathon that’s bigger and better than ever! And guess what, it’s just around the corner!

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The action starts at 8:00 AM Central Time on Saturday, July 26th with a playthrough of Phantom Hourglass by Zelda Dungeon founder Mases. From then on every Zelda game will be played in its entirety as quickly as we can get through them! The event is scheduled to go on all the way until 2:00 AM on Thursday, July 31st, so there will be plenty of time for more hilarious and epic Zelda Dungeon moments.

Unlike in previous years, we plan to have the full schedule available, including estimated times for each game and the runners who will be participating. This should allow for a more organized experience, and will minimize confusion.

Any more information about the 2014 Marathon will be released over the next couple of weeks. You can also check out our frequent livestreams on our Twitch channel if you want to ask any questions. Shoot us a follow, and you’ll be notified whenever we go live!