The Angry Video Game Nerd has become an online celebrity over the last two years and it is no surprise that one of his favorite game franchises is the Legend of Zelda series. He’s constantly made references to the Zelda titles and even put together his own Chronologically Confused video concerning the Zelda timeline.

A few weeks back, the nerd released a video about the Phillips CD-I game system. Dread comes to the mind of any Zelda fan when they think of the Phillips CD-I console. Just today, the nerd released Part II of the CD-I review, and in this episode, he takes a look at one of the Zelda titles, the Wand of Gamelon. I’ve looked at screenshots and short clips of this game before, but I’ve never actually taken a deep look into it, let alone played it for myself. I always just pushed it aside since it had very little to do with Nintendo. That being said, this review really showcases the misery that makes this game. I warn you, that the language in this video can be rough, but nearly as rough as the actual game footage.

Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of Wand of Gamelon

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