pic30236 Back in the day before smartphones and social media became the way to busy oneself and connect with friends, people got together to play board games. As the go to in-home entertainment, popular media often found its way into this medium and video games were no exception. Cinemassacre’s Board James sat down with the Angry Video Game Nerd to play some good old fashioned video game board games, one of which was The Legend of Zelda board game.

The goal is to traverse dungeon rooms, fighting enemies and finding items along the way, until a player finds the Triforce. Then the player with the most hearts leftover is the winner. See the game for yourself after the jump!

The Legend of Zelda board game is played at 5:50, before that point the duo plays Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. board games. Afterward, some Street Fighter and Tetris board games.

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What did you think of these video game board games? Think you’d enjoy playing The Legend of Zelda board game? Or is the series better of sticking with the tried and true like its Monopoly and Yahtzee? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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