Hey guys, after searching the net, I realized that the Angry Video Game Nerd has released his newest video. For those of you who don’t know, the nerd is an internet celebrity who made a name for himself by reviewing old video games, mainly for the NES and posting them on youtube, screwattack.com, and much later, gametrailers.com. This isn’t your classic, IGN type reviews though, they are… well… angry. They are filled with comical swearing as he takes a look at some of the worst games he has ever played. He’s always been a big inspiration for Vic and I in our own video game reviewing show we got going on.

Anyway, his newest video is about Zelda, the Zelda timeline to be exact. While it is a bit dated (November 2006), it does show you his theory, or lack there of, of what the Zelda timeline truly is. It takes you through all the Zelda titles from the original Legend of Zelda to Twilight Princess, filled with game footage and artwork. It is a definite watch amongst Zelda and Angry Video Game Nerd fans.

Angry Video Game Nerd – Chronologically Confused About Zelda

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