While it’s a bit later than we initially planned, it’s still the 16th. For those of you who weren’t around last year, July 16th is when we celebrate Revolution Day, the epic founding of ZeldaInformer.

We’ve had a handful of things all planned for awhile, and decided to roll them all out simultaneously on this day. So, let me summarize for you why ZI had to go down the past couple days.

If you’ve watched the video above, the first announcement might seem pretty obvious at this point, but I’m going to clarify it anyways: ZeldaInformer and Absolute Zelda are joining forces. Both sites had pretty similar goals in terms of where we wanted to take our projects, so a merge was really the most logical answer. While we’re still feeling things out, we feel this unification will really only further our goals of eventual world domination.

With that, also comes “new” forums for ZeldaInformer: Gone are the old hosted boards on VGRC: The old ZI forums and the old AZ forums were successfully merged together, and your login credentials will now work on both the new “AZI” forums as well as VGRC. (Though as a general notice, you now login with your e-mail address and not your username.) Which really only means more flexability for us now.

The backend has also been totally redone, as we’ve finally dropped the old insecure CuteNews script, and replaced it with Movable Type. There’s still a bunch of content we’ve yet to move over, but rest assured, things will be normal by the end of the week as we finish hammering out bugs we missed.

On a technical note, the URL for our RSS feed has changed. See the sidebar for the new URL so those of you who are subscribed can update your subscriptions. Also, comments are no longer linked to your forum accounts, though this is temporary.

We’ve got some more lovely surprises in the works, as well, so stay tuned here as always. The future just keeps getting brighter.

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