Analyzing the Zelda Franchise

A few days ago, a new YouTuber, , finished his analysis of the entire Zelda series in the two part “Critical Close-up: Zelda“. In the video, bunnyhop takes a look at some of the common complaints and praise the franchise receives, and using mostly Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past as examples, tries to shed some more objective light on the repeated talk. Hit the jump for more!

Firstly, here are the two videos, which total about 17 minutes in length.

Though a lot of his ideas may seem cynical, I strongly suggest you watch the entire, two part analysis before jumping to any conclusions. His reasoning may not all make sense, but the ending presents a strong case having to do with Nintendo’s marketing skills.

Additionally, I would attribute many of his points simply to the inevitable improvements in gaming, and not necessarily particular design choices by Nintendo, in general the close look at the series does a good job at taking a critical stance of the entire franchise.

What did you think of the videos? Tell us in the comments!

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