“19 months, 16 games, 13 videos, and 130 dungeons later”, Mark Brown wrote on Twitter. Mark has been endeavoring to analyze the dungeons of every Legend of Zelda game in his series Boss Keys. While it started as a research project, it has become one of the most intriguing series on YouTube. In his final video, he takes a look at the Divine Beasts of Breath of the Wild, which were a distinct shift from the Zelda dungeons of old.

Mark notes both the positives and negatives of this new approach to dungeon design, though he does not seem to prefer it. He appreciated that Nintendo tried something new and complimentary to the open ended nature of the game, but felt that it wasn’t done as well as it could be. The video also touches on some of the notable shrines, particularly the ones that resembled more traditional dungeons, as well as Hyrule Castle.

What do you think? It’s been a common topic of debate amongst the Zelda community. I myself feel somewhat similar to Mark Brown. Like the rest of the game, I think Breath of the Wild introduced a ton of cool concepts that, even if not perfect, could be expanded upon in future games. Do you want to see the Divine Beast style return? Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a mix of both kinds of dungeons. Let us know in the comments as well as any other thoughts you have on the Boss Keys series! If you want to hear more of Mark’s thoughts, check out this interview we did with him.

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