Zelda Informer is just past our three year mark as a site and just now we feel, as do others, that we are no where near our peak but surely reaching for it. Three years, in reality, is a short period of time for a website, but apparently it’s long enough for us to gather people who dislike us. Of course, we don’t expect everyone to like us or our methods, but there is a point at which we start to take offense at the lengths people will take. It has reached that point with Zelda Dungeon.

For various reasons of which I will not go into here (as they are neither relevant nor important,) Zelda Dungeon’s administrator, Mases, has a personal vendetta against our administrator, Nathan, and Zelda Informer as a whole. We have, in our three years, did our best to be cordial towards Zelda Dungeon and it pains us to do this, as bringing offenses like this public likely cause drama and anger, but, as I said, this has gone too far.


An example of one of our news posts being copied and not being credited. For an example of proper crediting check here. You can see how Kotaku credited both the place they found it and the place it was originally posted. This is how you professionally credit on the internet.

For the past year Mases has not credited Zelda Informer for any news post he finds on Zelda Informer. He’s given various reasons from not wanting to increase our Google Rank to claiming he did not actually find them on our site (even though quite often they are complete copy-pastes of our news posts.) This was extremely offensive, but not wanting to start drama, we ignored them most of the time.

But, recently, he posted the rumours we reported on Zelda Wii without crediting us. And, posting in the comments, attempting to give credit, we recently discovered that the word “Informer” is not allowed in Zelda Dungeon’s comments. If it is added to the comments, it is automatically “Deleted by an Administrator.” We are assuming that this is because “Informer” is a banned word in their comments.

Video of the auto-delete in action.

An interesting note, he posted our Top 5 Zelda Games video which he did credit by name, but still refuses to direct link to Zelda Informer itself. It’s interesting that Zelda Informer can be mentioned in news posts at the rare occasion that Mases is perhaps impressed by us, but the commenters are not allowed to do the same.

This just goes way too far; way past the point that we can willfully ignore it. This is worse than an insult to us and more of an insult to the whole Zelda Community. If anyone wishes to voice an opinion or post a comment on Zelda Dungeon that includes Zelda Informer in any way, they are punished—just because they dared to mention our name. And why? Because Mases has a grudge against Nathan.

But when did it happen that grudges came before being polite? However, this is only to bring light to this situation. We here at Zelda Informer are unaware of the atrocities we must have done to cause this treatment, but this is too far. Something needs to be said or done, so here it is.

Just to be clear, Nathan is staying out of this, as he and Mases have bad blood against each other. But just to be blatantly clear, Nathan is not the one here calling out Zelda Dungeon. This is the rest of the staff, the rest of the hard workers at this site telling them we do not appreciate what you are doing. While we realize bringing this to light may not have any affect on the long haul, we feel we owe it our fan base, to the Zelda community, to let the people know. You are not just screwing over Nathan, you are screwing over every other writer, designer, moderator, member, fan, and commenter on this site and none of us will sit here and take it anymore.

We will seek no further action or repercussion and will no longer speak about this outside this news post.

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