Just so people are aware, I have confirmed now that this glitch does indeed exist and isn’t just someone messing around with the game’s files. So, it’s a very interesting glitch and one I am surprised made it into the final game. That, and it’s pretty awesome. Imagine starting off the game with… the Master Sword. Not only starting off the game with it, but holding it in the stance of pulling it free from the stone in the Temple of Time. Now imagine you can actually use the sword holding it this way, and all the physics work just the same! Want to know how to pull of this epic glitch?

For starters, you have to have beaten the game already. I have both the regular quest and master quest completed, but I believe you can still do this having just beaten the regular quest. Someone will have to confirm this for me. Essentially beat the game, then go back and create a new file (not over the previous, but rather in addition to). You’ll immediately start out with the Master Sword! There doesn’t appear to be any tricks and such that cause it, it just happens.

The way Link holds the sword is equally funny, and this is such a big glitch you have to wonder if it was intended. It’s very easy to make happen, and something that is rather useful just to get a good chuckle. Unfortunately, it ONLY works in Kokiri Forest. Mido wont let you go on without having the Kokiri Sword, and once you go to The Great Deku tree the Master Sword vanishes. So, this isn’t a game breaking glitch, but rather something that is just pure win. Have any of you been able to pull it off? Can you do it having beaten only the main quest?

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