The world of Majora’s Mask is home to several memorable side quests and secrets. One particularly charming side quest involves our hero Link reuniting a choir of frogs while masquerading as their conductor Don Gero. When the croaking quintet is finally brought back together in the spring light of Mountain Village, Link will lead them in song. The quaint, little melody that’s produced, known as “Frog Song,” is an underrated gem, so it was a joy to hear that one talented Zelda fan decided to celebrate it with a new ocarina cover.

David Erick Ramos, a professional ocarinist and diehard Zelda fan, recently released a great cover of Majora’s Mask‘s “Frog Song.” Performing on ocarinas of all shapes and sizes, the arrangement breathes new life into a melody we’ve only ever heard with croaks and ribbits. In fact, one can perhaps better appreciate the classical influences of the tune in this new form. I’m sure that if I heard the frog choir play this song live, I’d snatch up one of its members and make him play it for me everyday as we travelled the world together.

This cover of “Frog Song” is one track from a new album titled FATE: A Tribute to Majora’s Mask, which features 79 arrangements by many talented musicians. You can check out the album at Materia Collective’s Bandcamp page right here.

You can also check out more from David Erick Ramos’ at his YouTube channel right here.

What did you think of this ocarina cover? Will you check out FATE: A Tribute to Majora’s Mask? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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