A Link Between Worlds is the latest original Zelda game that is part of the main series to hit the market, so naturally a lot of the glitches for it are not nearly as well known as some of the older titles. We make a habit of covering some nifty glitches we haven’t covered before, even if they aren’t new. Not everyone is aware they exist and sometimes you just want to try something new for yourself. This glitch in particular isn’t new in that it was recently discovered, but I found it’s not actually that well known outside of the speedrunning community.


A Link Between Worlds there is a glitch you can perform during boss fights to skip the fight and grab the painting at the end, which can shave off a ton of play time… or make you totally skip a boss your struggling with. it’s actually really easy to pull off, as some have discovered it by total accident. One of those accidental discovery folks was someone on reddit, who explains exactly how they did it:

“So I’ve been playing a bit more of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and today I came across a bug while fighting a boss. While fighting him I forgot to equip the tornado rod so I could fly over his attack. I paused the game, equipped the rod, and resumed. However, after I dodged his attack I landed inside him sort of and I think he pushed me out of the wall. The screen when black and I thought I had died. Instead the game exits me at the room with the painting which you can see in the screenshot. The little red crosses are only there if the boss has not been defeated.”

Indeed, this is a confirmed glitch, which you can see in action below:

Skip to the 1:12:50 mark to see it in action.

Pretty neat, huh? I’m going to have to try out this glitch for myself. Do you know about any other glitches for A Link Between Worlds?

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