An Amazing Mozaic From All Zelda Games

All of us have, at one time or another, looked back at the Legend of Zelda games that we’ve played, when we remember our first Zelda experiences, the troublesome dungeons, and the overall fun we had. We’ve looked at sprites, screen-shots, etc, renewing a nostalgic feeling as we anticipate the next Legend of Zelda title, Skyward Sword. One person took this reminiscing act to a new level by making two huge mosaics, using various screen-shots and sprites from every Zelda game. They even went so far as used screen-shots from the Philips CD-I console games. Click the images to view the full image. Be aware they’re fairly big and may take a moment to load.

Link MosaicZelda Mosaic

These mosaics had to have taken a massive amount of time to create, and that is why I must tip my hat to the artist. Looking at the full image, I was able to view each screen-shot/sprite individually, and this gave me a great nostalgic feeling. What do you guys think of these amazing mosaics? How long do you think it took to create them? Who here is going to take some of their winter-break to play some of these games? Please Comment!

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