The Zelda series has been filled with romance from day one. I mean it’s always there to help drive the story, handsome young hero comes to save the Princess from evil doers over and over again. It’s a story we are quite used to. Throughout the Zelda series we have seen hints of many different love interests for Link. An unknown boy from the woods or an average ranch hand from across the map would surely be an odd couple for Princess Zelda. Malon would be more suited for young Link or possibly even Ilia or Telma from Twilight Princess. Even young Saria was quite fond of Link. Although, none of them would come close to being as strange as the romance between that of Princess Ruto and Link. Certainly Prince Ruto was putting the moves on Link while giving him the Sapphire that is so dear to her people.

I think this is what deviantARTist ~ProjectVirtue had in mind when creating this wonderful work of art showing the friendship between Link and Ruto. Make the jump for an even closer look at it.

The level of detail put into this artwork is just jaw dropping. I like how Link and Ruto both look original. They didn’t copy the Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, or Ocarina of Time style, but came up with a completely knew one. Just how some people claim Skyward Sword looks like a mix of The Wind Waker with Twilight Princess, I would say this art style takes the anime-eque style of Ocarina of Time and mixes it with the detail of Twilight Princess. What are your thoughts on it though? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: D A Via GoNintendo

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