Artist Adam Scythe recently uploaded an awesome time lapse video of his new watercolor Link vs. Dark Link painting, and it looks amazing. The details on it are incredible, and it’s some of the coolest fan art I’ve seen in a while.

Adam’s made tons more art in the past, like this watercolor art of the iconic “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!” moment in the original Zelda, and this painting of Link. If you’re more interested in non-Zelda works, some of my favorites from his channel include this painting of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon and an original work of his called “Wish”.

What do you think? Personally, this may sound kind of dumb, but I really really like Link’s hat. It’s so pretty.

Be sure to check out Adam Scythe’s channel here, as he’s constantly uploading great stuff.

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