Over the last year, musical project 72HoursRemaining has been steadily cranking out quality acoustic guitar renditions of our favorite Zelda songs. This week, in honor of Majora’s Mask 3D‘s upcoming release, they have released an awesome cover of the Stone Tower Theme. With only two guitars and a lot of skill, these guys effectively capture the mood and mystery of this haunting melody.

72HoursRemaining’s Stone Tower Cover was performed on two acoustic guitars; one was used for percussion and bass while the other played the song’s familiar melodies. The Stone Tower Temple has always been both a welcoming and unsettling place to me, and the guitarists did a fantastic capturing that essence within the temple’s theme. Even with the minimalist approach of two instruments, these musicians were able to capture the distinct fullness of the original song.

You can visit 72HoursRemaing’s YouTube channel for many, many more acoustic Zelda covers, with each one just as impressive as this new Stone Temple cover.

What do you think? Which songs would you want these musicians to play next? Let us know!

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