a-link-between-worlds-4Zelda fan Gale83 on Imgur has shared an amazing piece of hand painted canvas, featuring a variety of characters, items and locations from the Legend of Zelda series in A Link Between Worlds’ painting style! Make the jump to check out some more detailed images of this legendary art!


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As you can see from the above image, the tapestry styled canvas is extremely detailed, showing a plethora of characters from Link himself battling Twilight Princess’ incarnation of Ganondorf, to Tingle chilling with Link’s Crimson Loftwing! The border of the art also features an array of items that Link has used throughout his travels. The painting’s artist, Gale83, says that it was loosely inspired by the ‘Bayeux Tapestry of 1066’. Additionally, The piece has been displayed with an awesome papier mache of Majora’s Mask, as you can see below















What do you think of this A Link Between Worlds styled painting? Which other pieces of art would you like to see Zelda inspired versions of? Join in the discussion below!

Source: Imgur (Gale83)

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