Allegories in Architecture is a series of articles written by Robert that are in-depth looks at architecture, symbols, and other hints about the nature of various Hyrulian structures and cultures, as well as their relationships to each other and to real-world cultures. The first Allegories in Architecture was a modification of an article Robert sent to Zelda Dungeon on Facebook.

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Author: Robert

A (deku) scrub here at Zelda Dungeon, Robert spearheads the Allegories in Architecture series, which aims to explore the Legend of Zelda’s in-game culture and its real-world inspirations. When he’s not scouring Hyrule for symbolism, he’s been known to breed Pokemon, thwart Dr. Wily’s evil plans and help Patricia Wagon round up those naughty Hooligan Sisters. Catch him on Twitter for more Game related cultural forays – and don’t be afraid to challenge him at Mario Kart 7…if you’re comfortable with defeat.