AGDQ 2016: Oracle of Ages Speedrun

ooa speedrunIn a recent Games Done Quick, Casusby completed an any percentage speed run of Oracle of Ages. He acheived a time of 1:59:43. Although this is not as fast as the world record of 1:34:48 it is still an impressive feat and something that I am unable to even dream of doing. Coming in at under two hours it is impressive and great to watch, providing hours of entertainment for those who choose to view it.


Check out the play-through after the jump!

This play-through of Oracle of Ages was entertaining to watch and showed great skill on Casusby’s part. I enjoy watching speedruns and this is a good one. There are plenty of other awesome speedruns on the Games Done Quick YouTube Channel and I would highly recommend checking it out as they are great to watch.

What did you think of this speedrun and some of the tricks used? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.

Source: YouTube

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