The Zelda Community is a cheerful one – there’s always something interesting going on, you just have to know where to look. Well, we looked, and we bring you not one, not two, but three amazing pieces from various Zelda sites across the internet.

The Hidden Triforce brings us a rather controversial article titled Why Zelda Wii Should be Like The Wind Waker. Before you get out your pitchforks however, give it a read, for all you know the next moment you could be replaying The Wind Waker. It certainly does provoke some interesting thoughts.

Second in line is a contest unlike what you might expect from a Zelda fansite, but there you have it – our friends at are organizing a suitably named “Witness the Fitness” Competition, inviting people to shape up for the summer and provide their sexy photos for the staff to evaluate! Prizes are unknown as of yet, and may for all we know include a lightsaber. What are you waiting for!?

Last but not least, a short and sweet article from Zelda Dungeon touching upon a rarely examined subject – Magic vs. Technology in Zelda. Exploring the various games and the magic to technology ratio, it provides a very neat overview and introduction to a topic that is gaining increasing popularity within theorizing fans.

And even now while you recuperate from this barrage of Fan Community News, we still keep our eyes peeled to the little timer on the right side of the page. A timer which is with every passing moment, slowly but surely reaching its final destination – the E3.

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