Affiliate Roundabout

I went through most of Zelda Dungeon’s affiliates today and updated links where it was necessary. One of things you might have noticed is several of the alliance websites are now found within the affiliates. The reasoning for this is that I am not entirely happy with how the alliance has played out so far and thus, it is currently undergoing changes. In order to accommodate for those changes several alliance sites are being removed and affiliates also had to be moved around. In addition to all the moving around, I’m happy to announce a few new affiliates to the site, Civilization Fanatics and Zelda Relic.

Civilization Fanatics is more than just a great gaming site based on the Civilization series, they have a closer relationship with Zelda Dungeon. We are on the same Atomic Gamer Network which hosts Zelda Dungeon, Civilization Fanatics, and several other great gaming websites. In addition to being on our network, Civilization Fanatics is one of the most successful gaming websites on the internet. Their community messages boards have garnered over 150,000 members and 7 million total posts, something unprecedented in the Zelda World. If you are a fan of the Civilization series or have ever played any of the games, I highly suggest checking them out.

Another new affiliate that I’d like to welcome is Zelda Relic. They aren’t exactly a new affiliate of ours, since Zelda Relic used to be the Temple Ruins and before that The Temple of Time. We’ve been affiliated with them on various occasions in the past and I’m glad to have them on board. Zelda Relic is focusing on the relics of the Zelda series and in particular, one of the most popular Super Nintendo titles of all time, A Link to the Past. The site plans on covering the game to its fullest, including in-depth guides and information on every aspect of the game. They really have an interesting take on how to run a Zelda website and I applaud them for their unique effort. Be sure to check both of these great websites out.

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