The next part of the video walkthrough has been completed and is now uploaded. You can few it by clicking the links below. There are actually two videos posted for this next portion since I had to seperate it because of its length. Anyway, these videos take Link through the 3rd palace, the Island Palace. Link learns the Fairy Spell and aquires the Raft. Look for the next portion sometime in the next week.

In some community news, our friends over at have launched their massive music project that has been in the works throughout most of the summer. So what exactly is this project? Well, if you are a registered member at their website, you can listen to almost EVERY SINGLE Zelda song ever created without even having to download it to your own computer! While this project has been attempted from time to time from various sites, I don’t ever recall a project including this amount of music with such a gorgeous interface. Definately worth a look for Zelda fans.

Adventure of Link Video Walkthrough Part 5a
Adventure of Link Video Walkthrough Part 5b

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