Chapter 2 of the Adventure of Link Video Walkthrough has been uploaded to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube Account. This is the longest chapter in the entire game as it covers Link’s journey through three different towns, Death Mountain, and then finishes off at the second palace of the game. It is broken up into five videos with the first one embedded to your right. You can check out all five sections be clicking the links below.

Section 1 – Town of Ruto / Overworld
Section 2 – Water Town of Saria / Death Mountain
Section 3 – Death Mountain / Overworld
Section 4 – Harbor Town of Mido / Quest to Midoro
Section 5 – Midoro/Swamp Palace

Be sure to subscribe to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube Channel, as we will be making daily updates from now until the completion of the walkthrough. With daily uploads, the walkthrough should be completed within the next two weeks, so be sure to be on the look out for it. Also, for those of you wondering, the Twilight Princess Video Guide is currently being redone in much higher quality. Videos should start popping up for that in just a couple months and then it too will have daily uploads from the beginning to the end of the game. We’ll post here at Zelda Dungeon when full chapters are available, but if you’d like to see them on a day to day basis, then check out and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

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