Are you enjoying playing Oracle of Ages and/or Oracle of Seasons on your 3DS? Are you curious what’s behind the two locked doors in the villages? Are you desperately trying to 100% the game and seriously ticked that those doors are closed on the 3DS version of the games? Well then I’ve got good news and bad news for you:

The bad news is that the doors to the Advance Shop cannot be opened on the 3DS versions because the emulator is that of a Gameboy Color, not an Advance.

The good news is that a work-around has been found to collect the special ring inside! It requires using this nifty password chart to manipulate the ring transfer password you get from the red snake in Vasu Jewelers. In a linked game, simply go to the red snake in the first game you played, get the password, consult the chart to see what you have to change, and enter your modified password at the red snake in your continuation game. I know it seems a little annoying that this should even have to be done, but it should come as a blessing to those of us out there with that rare form of OCD that’s triggered specifically by Zelda games. I know I can’t be the only one.

Advance Shop (Oracle of Seasons)Advance Shop (Oracle of Ages)Alternatively, you could also just pull the passwords from the actual cartridges if you own them (and are doing a linked game between the carts and 3DS).


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