Adorable Navi cosplay

Navi the Fairy is a staple of the first 3D Zelda game in existence, Ocarina of Time. Where you have Link, Navi is sure to follow; usually with her annoying, little phases. “Hey! Go talk to the Deku Tree already! Listen! You can open doors with ‘A’!” Even though Link probably already knows all of this, Navi has the need to tell him, making her one of the most annoying characters in Zelda history.

This is Madison Kimrey, the only person able to pull off cosplaying Navi without bringing up annoying memories. Her outfit is extremely imaginative, and is completed with those amazing blue bubbles. Some might say she is the most adorable Navi in town. Check out the pictures in more detail after the break.

Madison Kimrey has some style. I love seeing this cosplay, she just looks so adorable. Tell us what you think in the comments bellow!

Source: Kotaku via FashionablyGeek

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