Adorable Fan-Made Zelda Film

LinkRecently, a Tumblr artist know as “PencilTest” was discovered working on a Zelda-inspired fan-film.  The actual video cannot be viewed yet as it has not been published, but he has put out some animated GIFs of his Zelda work that have been created in Maya, After Effects, and Photoshop. To make the video he takes real footage and adds in the little Minish Cap style Link into it, which makes for some outstanding and beautiful works of art.

Hit the jump to see his amazing GIFs!

Here are a couple of the short GIFs that PencilTest has created. They really are quite amazing.

Animated Link 1

Animated Link 2

I really am excited to see how the fan-film turns out. I also really hope that Nintendo will catch wind of this and consider the art style. Let us know what you think! Do you like the style? Or is it too realistic?

Source: Tumblr

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