Who needs sound engineers when you can just use your voice? Or five voices in the case of a capella group Maytree, who has recreated select sound effects and music from Breath of the Wild. Ranging from the opening theme to the  Korok jingle, this group surveys a wide range of familiar tracks in one impressive video.

Maytree is a Korean a capella group that has recently found a home on YouTube recreating sounds from pop culture. Besides covering music from Zelda, they have also recreated the startup sounds of Nintendo consoles and sound effects from the original Donkey Kong.

The group uses a clever combination of vocal effects and singing to recreate the tunes and chimes surprisingly well. The detail in their performance leans the listener in and creates an appetite for each nuance in their voices. Watching the group perform is equally as engaging. The performers show a true passion for their work and engage their entire bodies into the performance.

I have watched this group before and love their work. They are a highly talented and charming group that uses their skills to recreate familiar sounds we know and love.

Give them a watch and let me know what you think of their abilities down below!

Source: Maytree

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