Musician Aaron Grubb has released his third album featuring a collection of Zelda songs. The January 1st release, Legend of Zelda Collection: Volume Three, contains twelve tracks, including three previously released singles (“Departure,” “Tatl  & Tael,” and “Full Steam Ahead”). You can listen to the whole collection here.

In response to requests for a physical release of the music, Grubb said he’s considering a “double-disc CD collection featuring all songs.” He did note however that he may need to “crowdfund the physical release as it is expensive to produce.”

The Legend of Zelda Collection: Volume Three contains the following songs:

  1. “Full Steam Ahead (Orchestral Version) (From Spirit Tracks)”
  2. “Main Theme (From the Legend of Zelda)”
  3. “Tatl & Tael (From Majora’s Mask)”
  4. “Aryll’s Theme (From the Wind Waker)”
  5. “Gerudo Valley (Epic Version) (From Ocarina of Time)”
  6. “Midna’s Theme (From Twilight Princess)”
  7. “Departure (From Twilight Princess)”
  8. “Bolero of Fire (From Ocarina of Time)”
  9. “Lake Hylia (From Twilight Princess)”
  10. “Midna’s Lament (From Twilight Princess)”
  11. “Full Steam Ahead (Piano Version) (From Spirit Tracks)”
  12. “Ballad of the Goddess (From Skyward Sword)”

For his various releases of song cover singles, Grubb has worked with talented visual artists who have created artwork for his music. For the Legend of Zelda Collection Volume Three, artist Kell Carr created the piece below:

Link rides a horse in front of an enormous Triforce.

For those looking to stream Grubb’s previous music or to learn more about this release, you can find all of his music via his Linktree account.

Tell us what you think! Which new covers are you most excited to check out? Share your reactions in the comments below.

Sources: Aaron Grubb@AaronMGrubb, Kell Carr

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