Nintendo Points Not Usable for Nintendo eShopThis is a warning to those who use Nintendo Points to purchase downloadable games and content. The Nintendo Points cards do not work on the 3DS eShop. The Nintendo Points cards only say they can be used on the Wii Shop Channel and the Nintendo DSi Shop. There are a few people who have probably tried to transfer the points over, and have failed. To use them, you simply have to purchase them with your DSi and transfer them to your 3DS. Most of the games on the DSi are also playable on the 3DS. The points can’t be moved to the Nintendo eShop, and cannot be converted to cash.

The reason for this is because the two different price structures. I actually like the availability of just being able to buy points straight off of my system. The moment the Nintendo eShop was updated onto my 3DS, I put twenty dollars in and had Link’s Awakening in my hands. I do find being unable to transfer the points a hassle, but I don’t have a DSi or Nintendo Points anyways at the moment.

Has anybody tried to do this, or has any particular questions? Please comment, and we might be able to help out.

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