As the central feature of our Link to the Past birthday shenanigans, we’re proud to present the first chapter of our in-depth A Link to the Past game guide! It’s constructed in the same style as our previous Wind Waker walkthrough, with many of the same special guide features.

Just like before, we’ll be releasing the guide in installments – only this time, expect them to trickle through at a much slower drip, with only one update at a time, likely every other day rather than daily. We hope the delay is understandable – our Wind Waker guide was put together over several years, while work on this one began not even two weeks ago! Some of our older content such as the Heart Piece and Items guides will be getting extensive makeovers as well, which we’ll announce as they happen. In any case, we’re steadily moving towards a full library of the best Zelda content around, so show the guide some support so we can keep the momentum going!

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