A Challenger Appears


Followers of our YouTube channel may have noticed this little oddity pop up about a week ago. Well I’m thinking it’s finally time to get this thing out of the closet.

RIVERZCARD.bmpWe all know that point in videogames where we plunge our swords/arrows/fists/trained chimps into the final boss, and watch the credits flow signifying our mastery over the game. But what then? Our personal favourite series, Zelda, would have you replay the adventure, possibly in an attempt to pick up that one missing power-up. Mario would have you run around getting the last few stars/dragon coins/green-clad relatives. Pokémon, however, gives you the opportunity to continue playing in this game of seemingly no end for no apparent reason: a full pokédex? Gold prints in the Battle Frontier? Filling up the Pokéathlon hall of fame? Endlessly training a set of six creatures whose sole purpose is to destroy your friends or random opponents on the internet?

KAYLACARD.bmpThe ZeldaInformer Pokémon League is here to reward the last of these suggestions. Twelve trainers from the ZeldaInformer community, with a range of skill and experience, would like to challenge any of you Pokémon lovers out there to gain our eight league badges and then attempt to defeat the best of the best that we Zelda fans have to offer.

BADGEEMPTY.bmpFinalized rules regarding the tournament will be revealed sooner to the event(which is likely to begin around the solstice) along with a refreshed forum topic, but for a quick reference check Nintendo’s official rules of competitive play from which our rules will be derived UPDATE: Brand new Pokémon forums, including one dedicated to the League with all the rules and registration details up now!

Until then begin warming up your Macho Braces and start spreading the Pokérus, because although many challengers may get their hands on two or three of the badges, you’d better think yourself pretty damn good, or just exceedingly lucky, to get all eight.

And if you think you can make our Elite Four fall… well, you’ve got guts kiddo.

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