Bandai Spirits, sister company to the larger Bandai Company, is partnering with Nintendo to bring a collection of Zelda products to Japanese convenient store chains. Starting in October, fans in Japan can visit 7-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, and GEO locations to get their hands on a range of legendary items, including a Triforce clock, Zelda cutlery, and even Breath of the Wild-inspired curry.

These Zelda products will be available through a lottery-style system, in which customers purchase a ticket for ¥620 yen (approximately $5.60 USD) and receive one random item from the prize selection. The prizes include a Triforce alarm clock that plays Zelda music, a Master Sword shoehorn that plays the classic “Item Catch” tune when removed from its pedestal, a pack of purple “Monster Curry” inspired by the recipe from Breath of the Wild, Zelda bath and hand towels, a Zelda cutlery set, and 8-bit / 16-bit Zelda plates. You can get a closer look at any of these items right here or in the gallery below.

This promotion is scheduled to launch on October 6th, and there appear to be no current plans to bring these items to western countries.

Are you a Zelda fan living in Japan? Are you excited for the chance to win any of this cool merchandise? Share with us in the comments below!

Source: Bandai Spirits (via Nintendo Life)

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