Majora’s Mask 3D is a remastering of sorts of the original game released in 2000 for the N64, but it has changed several things. Some of you have already noted a few of these changes based on the new footage yesterday, but Kotaku got to go hands on with the game at a media event, so they are offering some new details based on hands on experience.

  • Load times are a lot faster
  • Almost all management of inventory is on the bottom screen
  • Bomber’s Notebook shows current quests, rumors, and quests you’ve completed.
  • Bomber’s Gang will give you rumors if you talk to them over the course of the game.
  • Can set alarms in the notebook, to give you a reminder of needing to do something.
  • There are more owl statues than there were previously
  • Song of Double Time lets you change the time to any hours you like, instead of “Day or Night”
  • There are two fishing holes and each of them contain 10 different fish (so, 20 fish in total)

There are of course other changes that we’re already aware of that Kotaku didn’t mention, such as the fact the Bank has been moved, there are more shops in Clocktown than there was previously, and Southern Clocktown is bigger – finally making logical sense with the actual walls of the town from the outside.

Source: Kotaku

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