Yet another speedrunning record has been smashed, and this time it’s for the 100% Completion of Wind Waker (GCN). A 100% speedrun consists of doing everything possible in the game, such as mastering every minigame, collecting every item, gathering every heart piece, and – of course – finishing everything in the main quest. Doing this all as fast as possible can prove to be quite the test, as enduring hours on end of focused, determined gameplay is no easy feat.

Shown in the video above,

Twitch user Demoon9 has sped through 100% of the game in a blindingly fast 7:03:58, beating the previous world record by a whopping 34 minutes: a grand accomplishment in speedrunning. Observing the footage, we can see that Demoon9 made use of common speedrunning tricks, such as bomb-clipping, side-hopping and frame-skipping, all in order to save precious time whilst embarking on the adventure to completely save Hyrule.

It’s probably worth noting here that the Any% Speedrun WR for Wind Waker currently sits at 4:02:12, which tells us that completing the entire game ahead of the main story is only a three hour job – if you’ve got some serious practice. Demoon9’s time consisted of him successfully shaving vital seconds off every checkpoint officially noted, meaning that there is not a single part Demoon9 didn’t finish faster than the previous user. Furthermore, these chunks of time are fairly big, ranging from -5 to -57 seconds off the previous WR time.

It’s hard to say whether this could be beaten anytime soon, but given Demoon9’s insanely fast feat, we can say with confidence that he’s set the bar high for whoever challenges the record next. Do you think his record will be beaten? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ZeldaSpeedRuns

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