A Month of Records

Christmas has been good to ZD. We’ve broken our record of visitors in a single day several times this month. And as of today, we have done so yet again: 7300. Pretty snazzy, is it not?

Aww, don’t worry. I really do have something to update. Mases and I just finished part 13 of the Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough, which deals with Maze Island and the Isle of the Dead. We’re nearing the end of the walkthrough, afterwhich we’ll finish up the remaining PH pages.

Also, two of our affiliates, Zelda Temple and Hylian Legends, whom have both been down for awhile, have just come back shortly after Christmas. Welcome back!

PH Walkthrough – Chapter 13, “A’mazing”

Zelda Temple
Hylian Legends

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