It’s no secret today, nearly 16 years after release, that the Fire Temple theme from Ocarina of Time was censored shortly after release, with future cartridges featuring an altered version that removed a Muslim chant, a chant which was a stock sound affect used in several games. In fact, Ocarina of Time is riddled with stock sound affects, but that’s besides the point. Given how far we’ve come and how many years have passed, I thought today would be a good day to revisit the original music and let a new generation hear it for themselves. A YouTube channel which features things censored in video games recently put up a video with the original music. Check that out above.

GameTrailers did a feature on this way back in 2011, one of which we covered after Nintendo finally gave an official response on the change. For those curious and for those who don’t know the history behind this change, be sure to give the full feature a watch below:

It’s a really interesting part of Zelda history, one which I feel many of us overlook. Are there any other musical censorship or interesting changes made in the Zelda series from version to version that you’re aware of?

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