800px-Zelda_Symphony_Master_QuestBack in June, we first reported that Jason Michael Paul Productions and the Nintendo World Store would host a special Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses event in New York City and just two days ago that event took place! During that special event fans were treated to an Ocarina Workshop, where they learned the history of the ocarina and its role in The Legend of Zelda. Attendees were also treated to a special Ensemble Performance by the String Quartet from the Zelda symphony performing at the Barclay’s Center. After the performance their was even a meet & greet with Amy Andersson and Jason Michael Paul. Event goers were even given a chance to purchase special Zelda Symphony merchandise. The night was sure to be amazing and YouTube channel, KirbyGCN17 caught it all! With over an hour of footage from the event it is a must see video, but be warned serious bouts of jealousy might ensue!

Check it out past the break.

Aside from the insane jealousy I feel at not being able to be at the event, I thought it was spectacular. I have to admit though I spent the majority of my time looking at the background and checking out all the awesome Nintendo goodies available for purchase!

What are your thoughts? Did you make it to the event too? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Source: YouTube (via: GoNintendo)

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