The king of Hyrule has been murdered! And Link is on the case!

In this special Halloween edition of The Champions’ Cast, the staff of Zelda Dungeon comes together for a live dramatic reading of “Murder in Castle Town,” a murder mystery fan fiction written last Halloween by our very own Kat Vadam and Rod Lloyd. Listen along as Link investigates the grizzly murder King Hyrule and confronts a colorful cast of suspects. No one can be trusted! And no one is who they claim to be! Intrigue and danger await!

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The Cast:

Narrator / Link – Rod Lloyd
Zelda – Judy Calder
Ganondorf – David Nystrom
Mutoh – Rod Lloyd
Ingo – Almog Rimmer
Darunia – Brandon Schmitz
Ruto – Alasyn Eletha
Nabooru – Heather Beard
Impa – Alasyn Eletha
King of Hyrule – Gooey Fame
The Mask Salesman – Kat Vadam
Potion Shop Hag – David Nystrom
Hyrule Citizen (Male) – Adam Barham
Hyrule Citizen (Female) – Alison Brunyee
Bartender (Female) – Alison Brunyee
Castle Servant Girl – Heather Beard

Music used:

Twilight Symphony by Zelda Reorchestrated

LA Noire Soundtrack

Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

Twilight Princess Soundtrack

Time’s End by Theophany

A Timeless Lullaby – Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound

Majora’s Mask: Boss Battle Orchestral Arrangement – The Noble Demon

Princess in the Sanctuary – RebeccaETripp

Safety in the Sanctuary – Verdegrand

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