Wii-U-eShopAs avid Zelda players and collectors, we all revel in the addition of a new game or a re-release of software onto a new, shiny console. Though Nintendo does offer many classic games on the eShop and Virtual Console, they have seemed reluctant to allow players access to all of the Zelda games on any particular console. However, in a highly anticipated move forward, the company has released A Link to the Past as a digital download for the Wii U. Hit the jump to read more on this release and check out the trailer.

In this short video released on the Nintendo website players can see how one of the most iconic games in the Zelda franchise has been translated onto the Wii U. The initial impression is that you would be able to play on both the gamepad alone and like any other Wii U game, however the rest of the video seems to lean heavily toward playing on the gamepad. If it is available to play both ways (and I see no reason why it shouldn’t) then a player has the option to play the game pretty much however they choose. I consider this an advantage of the gamepad, as users can play this game, among others, just like a regular handheld cartridge while the rest of the family watches prime time.

The price of the digital download is $7.99, which is essentially the same price as on the Wii VC (800 Wii points, or $8.00). Luckily, if you don’t quite have the money for another game right now, Nintendo has a history of leaving this title available indefinitely, so you should be able to scoop it up whenever money allows.

Source: Nintendo Official Site
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