Do you have artistic ability and want to contribute to Zelda Dungeon? Well here’s your chance! We’re hosting an artwork competition to help bolster the aesthetics of our Zelda Wiki. I personally am a big fan of the artwork of the Legend of Zelda series, and in particular, the artwork for all the individual enemies and bosses from early on in the series. When The Legend of Zelda first released in 1986, the instruction manual had individual artwork for every single enemy in the game. Furthermore, almost every independent Strategy Guide that released for the game had unique artwork of its own.

This trend somewhat carried over to Adventure of Link, but by the time A Link to the Past came around, the idea of each enemy having its own artwork sort of faded away. Over the last few days I’ve been working on the A Link to the Past Enemy Guide and I’ve compiled sprite images for almost every enemy that appears in the Light World. If you click the page and then click the images, you can see more sprite images, as well as detailed descriptions for all these enemies. What’s missing from these pages is artwork and that’s where you come in! Make the jump to check out the details on our artwork competition.

There are a few simple steps that you need to take to enter the competition. All you have to do is browse through our A Link to the Past Enemy Gallery and pick out an enemy or two. Then just create a a piece of artwork based on that particular enemy. You can use as much liberty in altering the character as you’d like. It’s hard to imagine what these 2D sprite image enemies would look like in a more 3D artwork environment, but that’s is where your imagination comes in to play.

After creating the piece of artwork, send it as an attachment to my e-mail at [email protected] or send it to our Facebook Page. Every single piece of artwork that we get for this competition will be posted at our Facebook page in its own separate image gallery, with full credits to the original artists.

After a few weeks, we will compile all the individual pieces of artwork that all the fans have sent in. The staff of Zelda Dungeon will then sort through them all and vote on our Top 5 Favorite pieces. The artists of these Top 5 pieces will be the winners of the competition, winning a variety prizes. At this point, prizes are yet to be determined, but will likely consist of Zelda-related Plush Dolls, Zelda Manga Books, and other Zelda Collectibles, along with one grand prize to be determined.

Furthermore, the winners of the competition may be offered a position here at Zelda Dungeon! Zelda Dungeon is looking for artists to go through a bulk of this project, creating individual art pieces for every single enemy. We understand this is such a grand task and we may bring in multiple artists for the project. We also understand the time and effort that goes into this type of work, thus, these could very well be commission-based positions. This will all be worked out with the individual artists at a later point in time.

So that’s about all there is too it. While we currently only have the Light World enemies listed in our A Link to the Past Enemy Gallery, I will steadily be adding the Dark World enemies as well as I progress through the game. Feel free to create art pieces for any of the individual enemies, whether they appear in the Light or Dark Worlds. Furthermore, the goal is to gather artwork for every single enemy, so there is no reason to limit your submissions to just one enemy. If you’d like to create several pieces, send them all in! We’d love to see your work and we’ll post them all at our Facebook page. Good Luck to everybody out there!

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