A Link to the PastBrandon? Who’s Brandon? Didn’t he say he was going to retire from content writing after he did The Adventure of Link? Well, yes. But I have risen from the dead, with a vengance! No, just kidding. The A Link to the Past section on the site has now been remade since it first got created seven years ago. Check out the new A Link to the Past Section.

A couple notes: the enemy guide is still not complete. Enemy Guides take a lot of work, but everything else is from Bosses to Heart Pieces. I will be taking on the A Link to the Past Walkthrough as well. It feels good to know that one of the best Zelda titles, let alone one of the greatest games of all time is finally getting a fresh new look. Forum goers Petman1325 and Zenox helped me a bit on these pages, so big thanks to them. Dabombster took this project a long time ago, but due to his constant busy schedule I offered to take on this project and the walkthrough is underway.

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