Matt Cummings, who goes by the deviantART name of EiffelArt has created some brilliant boss fan artwork from the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Matt has drawn some amazing artwork of Link battling every single major boss in the game (except for Aghanim). The artwork really brings out the imagination of the artist as it really transforms 2-D sprite based bosses, into fully realized three dimensional pieces of artwork. In the large picture above, you get a preview of some of the bosses. However, there are significantly larger version of each individual piece, and you can find these over at Matt’s devinatART account.

It’s always wonderful to see these types of projects come to fruition. Just as Deimos-Remus did with the Legend of Zelda enemies, Matt has done the same with the A Link to the Past bosses. I surely hope we see more of these projects in the future, or if there are other ones out there that we just haven’t discovered yet. Let’s be sure to support Matt by become a watcher of his work. Simply go to his DeviantART account, log in, and then click the +watch button at the top-right corner. It’s that easy!

Be sure to let us know what you think of these faboost pieces of art by posting in the comments below.

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